Who We Are

With the Republican Conference YOU control your councillor!

  • Your councillors are not our party employees, they work for you.
  • You hire your councillor and you fire him if he doesn’t execute your mandate!
  • We don’t select our candidates – you do, always and in all cases.
  • We don’t rank our lists – your candidate’s position on the proportional list is determined by the outcome of the election. It will not be changed during the 5-year term.
  • You determine the ward’s priorities alongside your councillor through each of our Ward Chapters’ Platform Committees for the duration of the term.
  • You agree to the party’s city-wide platform in conference – that’s why we are the “Conference” party.
  • Ours is the only party where your councillors cannot say “the election is over, see you in five years”!

Got what you voted for?

You get what you vote for. Other parties, using your vote, have given you what you have now – and they are asking you for a mandate to come back for more of the same!

With your vote as their mandate

  • The City has been downgraded to junk status, because of financial mismanagement.
  • 31% of the city’s budget goes to salaries of staff that effectively have only 5% of the budget with which to render Municipal Services.
  • Effluent is dumped in our rivers, poisoning the environment and residents are given cess-water through their municipal taps – because they have not maintained our water treatment plants.
  • 30% of our electricity is stolen each year through illegal connections and pre-paid fraud because their TMPD does not function.
  • Mega-litres of water is lost because our water reticulation has been allowed to go to the dogs.
  • The electricity grid is failing and substations burn down or explode because they do not maintain them.
  • Those who pay rates have seen their rates increase in five years by more than 150% on average because of a corrupt valuations roll deliberately targeting certain segments of residents, that has been adopted without any council oversight over the process.
  • The debtors’ book has been allowed to increase by R10 billion since 2016 from R 7.5 billion to R 17 billion. Residents are over-taxed, yet rates are increased annually at a predatory rate.

The list goes on and on…

Nothing will change until you change your vote!

Vote for what you will have

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